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MobiTyre offers a comprehensive battery service – A free battery check, replacement if necessary as well as an environmentally friendly disposal of old batteries.  We supply and professionally fit high quality batteries at extremely cost-effective prices. All of our batteries come with a guarantee – giving you extra peace of mind.

Most batteries now require no regular maintenance, but to extend your battery life, you can check and clean your car battery, as well as charge it when it may be necessary. Modern car batteries have a life expectancy of around five to seven years, but it is impossible to predict when the end is getting near until it is often too late.

What battery do I need?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a battery for your vehicle. Basic voltage, current rating and the size of the battery for your vehicle must be taken into consideration when selecting a battery. There are choices surrounding make, capacity, grid type and warranty life. These factors are reflected in the price. For the best advice and assistance in having your battery replaced, contact us to arrange for a MobiTyre specialist to assist you.


How to avoid getting a flat battery

  • Do not leave interior lights on, or other car accessories that use power
  • Ensure your vehicle has been serviced before the winter
  • Be sure to check the alternator in your vehicle is working correctly
  • If your vehicle uses diesel, change your glow plugs at the first signs of failure to save wear on your battery
Battery Fitting

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