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MobiTyre in Shrewsbury

MobiTyre has operated in and around Shrewsbury for a number of years, helping out by providing our services when we’re needed. Whether it’s a caravan puncture repair at Oxon Hall touring site, or you have left your lights on and your battery has died while you’re out in the town centre, we’re here to help. As a Shrewsbury based company, we’re proud to be of service, providing a high quality tyre fitting service in Shrewsbury. If you are in Shrewsbury and want to find out more about what to do in Shrewsbury, visit the Original Shrewsbury website.

Mobile Tyre Fitting & Tyre Repair In Shrewsbury

MobiTyre is the number one mobile tyre repair and mobile tyre fitting company in Shrewsbury. Having been in business for a number of years now, serving the Shrewsbury community, we know our customers needs well. We provide a friendly customer-orientated tyre fitting service to your door, at very competitive prices. So why visit Kwik fit Shrewsbury when you can get a great service at a great price? Whether you need a whole new tyre, have run flat damage, need wheel balancing or alignment, we can do it all for you on the roadside.

If your car, van, 4×4 or caravan tyres need repairing or replacing, MobiTyre is never far away. So if you live in Shrewsbury and you want a fast, reliable and friendly service, give us a call or send us a message. To find out more about our mobile tyre fitting and mobile puncture repair services, or to see a tyre fitting price comparison, visit our mobile tyre fitting or puncture repair page. If you are unsure about whether your tyre meets the legal tread limit, or whether your tyre can be repaired, we have lots of useful information in our frequently asked questions. If you’re still unsure, speak to one of our friendly team members on the phone, or send us a message here, to save you a trip to the tyre shop.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment

f your tyres are wearing out too fast, or unevenly, you might need to consider having your wheel alignment adjusted. MobiTyre offers our customers in Shropshire wheel balancing and wheel alignment services from anywhere they like. There is no need to take your care to a garage, as we can provide our customers in Shrewsbury with these services.

The signs you may need to book one of our friendly fitters out include fast or uneven wear, knocking sounds at high speeds, your car pulls to one side, or any of the factors listed on our wheel alignment & wheel balancing pages. MobiTyre is proud to offer these service from the back of our van, ensuring you don’t have to drive at all with misaligned wheels or unbalanced wheel.

Mobile Battery Replacement in Shrewsbury

Have you left your lights on and your battery is now dead? Or perhaps the winter is setting in and your car wont start? Whatever the reason, it’s never an ideal situation when your battery dies, especially when your breakdown service such as the AA or RAC are taking a long time to get to you. Or perhaps you aren’t covered. There’s no need to worry, simply give MobiTyre a call.

At MobiTyre, we offer mobile battery replacement in Shrewsbury, providing a speedy service to those who need it when their battery dies. We supply and fit high quality batteries from trusted brands to ensure you can be on your way in no time. To find out more about our mobile battery fitting services, visit our batteries page.

Battery Fitting

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